What Air Purifier Should You Pick?

It’s quite simple, to improve your house’s indoor air quality you’ll need to install an air purifier. But did you know that this type of appliance can do more than just eliminating pollutants from your home. If you consider your options wisely, you can find a unit that can also remove unwanted smell from the air allowing you to breathe easier.

This type of unit is especially useful if you have pets at home or if one of your family members is smoking. Although you can just vacuum your house regularly, the airborne particles won’t be eliminated thoroughly.

What type of unit you must consider?

Air PurifierThis will depend on what your needs are, but what’s generally considered the best air purification method is the HEPA filtration system. It’s the most popular unit for those with asthma and respiratory problems and it’s highly recommended by doctors because it can remove airborne pollutants more effectively.

If you opt for a filterless unit, on the other hand, it can only eliminate 80% of the airborne particles. It also can’t control or remove pet or smoke odors.

An air purifier that can remove odor must have a pre-filter feature. Obviously and unfortunately, it’s a type of feature that you can’t find in filterless brands. If you go for a HEPA-designed unit, the pre-filter is attached to the primary filter. It contains activated charcoal that absorbs smaller particles that have been causing the bad odor. When they’re absorbed, they’ll be eliminated from the air.

While shopping for an air purifier, it’s a must that you know where you’re going to install it. If you choose a smaller size unit, it might not be 100% effective in controlling or managing indoor air quality. As a result, it’ll work too hard, thereby, shortening its lifespan.

Before you settle for a certain unit you need to conduct a thorough research so you’ll know which model has the right features that meet the requirements of your home. Combine it with a handy thermostat and you’ll heave the perfect atmosphere in your home!